Sunday, March 16, 2008

Top Rabbi Qualifies as CEO

A statement by a leading rabbi is a fractal into the state of leadership in our world today. It reflect our lesser tribal nature, with some qualifications. The Jerusalem Post reported:

"According to halacha, it is forbidden to employ Arabs, especially in yeshivas," Rav Kanievsky, a Lithuanian rabbi who lives Bnei Barak, told the paper. "It poses a mortal danger since we are at war with them."

Rav Kanievsky added that he was amazed at the employment of Arabs when there were Jewish employees to choose from in the unemployment market. "How will Jews work and support themselves?" he asked.

Rav Kanievsky's decision is in fact an instruction to hundreds of institutions across the nation that employ Arabs. When asked if his statements could be published, the Rabbi responded with "certainly."

The Torah authority gave one out exception for employing non-Jews, greed.

He added that "non-Jews should not be employed because Jews should be provided with a livelihood, however when there are significant differences in the expenses of employing one and not the other, it is permitted. When referring to employing Arabs - today - g-d forbid, it means placing people in mortal danger."

The Rabbi would be welcome in corporate board rooms with that kind of salary expense saving advice. What if people combine this Jewish ruling with world changing idea #10 in Time magazine, re-Judaizing Jesus? Many will not look back to Judaism in the time of Jesus, but to the Jewish religion of today for guidance. In that case Christians could be forbidden from employing Arabs. What would self-employed Christian Arabs do (yes, there are Arab Christians)? Show up for work every day and then fire themselves?

I have a better idea. How about we get some new leaders, or at least ignore the ones pursuing divide and conquer? The problem comes when they have the power of a government military or huge numbers of rabid religious followers.

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