Monday, April 16, 2007

The Transformation of Romney Almost Complete

Dr. James Dobsonstein thought the conversion would be finished long ago, but a few settings still need adjustment to create his Far Right Monster. The hunter button wouldn’t hold, despite the good Doctor’s turning hard toward the lifetime setting. It kept resetting to “novice, doesn’t even own a gun”.

The latest setback involves raising children. At one end of the dial “it takes a village” while the other requires “a married father and mother with no contraception, who promises to home school the child while once a year celebrating the War on Christmas”. Mitt Romney couldn’t erase the Boston Globe article where he agreed with Hillary Clinton that it takes a village, so the good doctor did the next best thing. He pretended his creation was talking about something else.

“His speech center is not so good. It’s understandable someone could mistake his talk about public-private partnerships as raising children. And I’m talking about heterosexual public-private partnerships, however they can be extra-marital.”

The screwing of the public in those partnerships can be seen in the recent bid for ex-government sponsored Sallie Mae. While the current board members and private equity firms enjoy their after merger cigarette, the public is left to clean up any messes. While board members alone walk away with nearly $1 billion in proceeds, the average taxpayer remains responsible for student loan guarantees.

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