Thursday, April 05, 2007

Republican Husband of Asian Indian Slams American Indians

Radio Talk show host Michael Berry also serves as Houston’s Mayor Pro Tem. He’s active in the community, even serving on the board of the Houston Holocaust Museum. One would think these positions would give him a higher perspective but Berry fell off his elected high horse the other morning when on Fox News Radio he lit into American Indians for “whining” about having been “whipped in a war”. This resulted in U.S. citizens paying “large amounts” of welfare to those same Native Americans.

Harris County Republican leader Michael Berry’s fall landed him in deep horse manure. People from all corners informed the ignorant talk show host of numerous errors in his statements. For these he eventually apologized. "I've done my homework and learned that I was wrong, I'm big enough to admit when my facts are wrong."

It’s a good thing Berry is a Republican, otherwise he might be known as "a flip flopper". I wonder how his Asian Indian wife reacted to his American Indian comments? Her people were oppressed by the British in a colonizing manner similar to U.S. westward expansion. One would expect Berry to have more understanding before shooting off his mouth, but that is the state of American politics. Shoot first, ask questions later. Kudos to Berry for forcing down that morsel of humble pie...

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