Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lantern Sodden Meets Goal, Signing Off

The author of StateoftheDivision met his goal today and is hereby leaving the blogosphere to many capable hands. After writing over 2,100 letters to President Bush at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Lantern Sodden received his 5th response from the White House! Rather than write another 420 letters hoping for his next communication, Lantern decided to turn out the lights.

Those who wish to reminisce are free to comb through the almost 1,150 posts on this site. The other 1,000 formerly under LetterstoNowhere no longer exist on line. Some can be found in his two paperback collections, New Suits for World Leaders: Emperors, Presidents and Popes and One Fist, Two Fist, Red Fist, Blue Fist: The State of American Politics.

After my many posts exposing the stench of both political parties, I plan to lay low for awhile. The fact that my fifth letter dated April 10th, 2007 dealt with the Military Commissions Act and how President Bush doesn't torture (wink, wink) had nothing to do with it! Now if I can just scape my "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" bumper sticker off my old VW wagon.

Should anyone inquire as to whether I actually wrote these posts, hmmmm, my memory is hazy... But best of luck to all bloggers continuing to shed the light in the darkness and blow away the air freshener hiding the reeking effluent expelled from both Repugnicants and Damnocrats! May the Lantern be with you!

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