Thursday, April 05, 2007

Presidential Candidates Success in Hunting for Ka-ching

With Barack Obama's $25 million and John McCain's $12.5 million, the first quarter Presidential fundraising total neared the $130 million figure. All those campaign hunter-gatherers reaped considerable success on behalf of their candidates. Of course, it is sexier to be the hunter.

Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney proved this with his assertion of his "lifelong hunting experience". Data reveals Mitt only pursued live prey twice in his 60 year life, once as a 15 year old and the other just last year at an outing with major Republican donors. Evidence shows Romney to be anything but a lifelong hunter. So why would he lie?

The better question is why does the American populace want to elect a hunter? It seems our country needs a gatherer or at least someone familiar with cycles. I don't hear any candidates bragging about their experience working on a farm. Growing something takes understanding, planning and patience, something in short supply in our hallowed halls of government. Stephen Covey speaks of the law of the farm. Meanwhile political candidates talk of the power of the blast and how they can pull the trigger.

Planting seeds vs. popping pistols? I'll vote for the grower of people anytime...

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