Monday, April 02, 2007

Presidential Update

Spring arrived with the U.S. Presidential field sprouting ample green and growing wildly. A few more Tom’s joined the already crowded 2008 Presidential race the last few days, ex Wisconsin governor and HHS chief Tommy “Implantable Human Chip” Thompson and Colorado Congressman Tom “O’Bomber Mecca” Tancredo.

The green came from the millions raised by front running candidates, shattering previous campaign fundraising records. Hillary Clinton netted $26 million, Mitt Romney $23 million, Rudy Guiliani $15 million, John Edwards $14 million, Bill Richardson $6 million, Chris Dodd $4 million, Joe Biden $2 million and Tom Tancredo over $1 million. That’s nearly $90 million without Barack Obama’s or John McCain’s significant sums (as they are yet to be released).

Let me get this straight. For the period of January to March 2007 candidates raised well over $100 million to fund their Presidential aspirations some 20 months away? It looks those billion dollar predictions will be on the low side. Now why would so much money flow into candidates campaign coffers? It’s clear they expect returns on their investment…

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