Monday, April 16, 2007

Bush White House Still Hazy

One might think a month's time would clear the smoke in the White House regarding the firings of eight U.S. attorney generals, but Justice Department Chief Alberto Gonzales still exhales effluent. Over 4 weeks ago Tony Snow used the same foggy excuse, Mr. Gonzales recycled it for Congressional consumption. The Attorney General has “nothing to hide” but isn’t sure what he remembers given that “hazy memory”.

In normal organizations there are files, notes, letters, e-mails, reports, documents, approval forms, schedules, minutes, agendas, and meeting records to jog the memory. Recall Alberto Gonzales already met with Congress on this issue. Did he not prepare for his last testimony, earn a failing grade requiring a redo? Note the month long period he’s had to bone up on what really happened, yet his memory remains "hazy".

Add the missing millions of e-mails and the transparent White House waters look as murky as the Potomac in full flood. From the looks of what’s floating by, a different kind of effluent is being discharged from the Bush administration. The world recognizes it but domestically we seem to have trouble. Have we gotten used to the smell after 6 years?

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