Thursday, March 01, 2007

Dr. Dobsonstein’s Monster Wreaks Havoc in New Hampshire

Trying to pump life into two Presidential candidates at the same time may have taxed Dr. James Dobsonstein’s scientific capabilities. It appears one monster got loose befor the transformation complete. Mitt Romney roams the New Hampshire countryside wreaking havoc.

The angry re-made creature lashed out at competitors Rudy Guliani and fellow specimen John McCain. Crying out “No Amnesty”, monster Mitt took swings at his imagined foes for the “Live Free or Die” state Republican primary.

While Mitt pawed at the air, Senator McCain completed his transformation for the world to watch on Late Night with David Letterman. Should Mr. Romney loose the Republican nomination he can always fall back on his venture capital skills. Investment houses probably value someone tough enough to execute “takeovers” in today’s world.

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