Friday, March 02, 2007

Cheney Guffaws While Spewing Coke over Binding Bush

In chastising Congress to approve funding the President’s escalated war plans in Iraq, the V.P. said something so humorous Coke flew out of his nose twice. After his 10 second guffaw and nasal soda spewing, Dick Cheney returned to stoned face. When asked why the chortle, the Veep replied?

“I’m not sure I can tell you, I may crack up yet again. But since you’re not Wolf Blitzer asking about James Dobson’s reaction to my lesbian daughter’s baby, I’ll try. I planned on shaming the Democrats with their wimpy nonbinding resolution on Iraq. The plan was to act like they wasted weeks of precious legislative time, but then Bill Frist and the 109th do nothing Congress came to mind. They wasted a whole year! For that I got 5 seconds of joyous laughter!”

“Where did the other 5 seconds come from?” asked the reporter.

“Well my mind, sharp as a tack quickly returned to exhorting Congress to pass a binding resolution. Then I realized given the President’s use of signing statements, nothing is binding! Thus the second round of Coke flew out my nose and the belly laugh racked by tired heart silly. It is fun being the Vice President! Feel free to tell your friends these jokes. No charge…”

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