Saturday, March 31, 2007

Check Yosh’s RNC E-mails While You’re at It

For clues to the Walter Reed outpatient treatment scandal one might need rife through Josh Bolten’s e-mails as he served as Director of the Office of Management and Budget during the time that agency pressured the Army to contract out maintenance at Walter Reed. Josh is affectionately known as “Yosh” by President Bush and was later promoted to White House Chief of Staff.

The question is which e-mail accounts to scour? The news revealed Bush’s team uses nongovernmental e-mail addresses for communication. Will either White House or Republican National Committee e-mail correspondence show Josh’s stamp on IAP Worldwide Services $120 million deal to maintain and operate Walter Reed facilities?

Many have pointed out several IAP chiefs are ex-Halliburton executives. Even better is IAP is partially owned by an investment company with past Treasury Chief John Snow President of the board. John is known for selling CSX’s shipping lines to The Carlyle Group for a song prior to his Treasury appointment.

In looking over Josh’s e-mails be sure to check for any transportation department privatization. Mary Peters’ appointment as Transportation Chief came at the right time for Carlyle as they’d just formed an infrastructure division, to specialize in such privatization.

Of course Republicans will stress the need to keep what happens in boardrooms private...

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