Thursday, April 27, 2006

Republican Wimps Can’t Even Back “Free Markets”, Their Core Value

Dear President Bush,

The level of fear in Republican ranks is palpable. Senator Frist is proposing a “bold package” consisting of a $100 rebate. It doesn’t appear to qualify as “a rebate” as those come from the manufacturer. Why would the government give a rebate to the gas consumer on behalf of the companies making record profit quarter to quarter? It doesn’t add up, unless the rebate is really a bribe….

To me "the package" comes from the place where Republicans previously held their balls. Your party claims free markets act logically, thus are the best way for an economy to function. Why then is Congress tampering with this free market instead of rejoicing at its success in producing record revenues that dwarf the national economies of most countries?

It appears Republicans speak out of both sides of their mouth, but anyone paying attention already knew this. Might the rebate inform more of this propensity? Better warn Tony Snow of this risk and get him fitted for that codpiece!

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