Friday, April 28, 2006

Highly Charged Streams Set to Cross

Dear President Bush,

It appears your, President Ahmadinejad’s, and Prime Minister Olmert’s pissing contest is escalating. Those highly charged streams are getting ready to cross. What will happen when they touch each other? Will contact cause an explosion, a lightning bolt, or just create a big splash?

You suggest that diplomacy is just beginning. This could not be further from the truth. European and Russian leaders met with Iranian representatives on this issue for two years before their proposal for uranium conversion to occur outside of Iran was rebuffed. The International Atomic Energy Agency report said the agency has been working for over three years to get clarification of the Iranian nuclear program.

Your stream says no nuclear refinement. The Iranian President’s stream says peaceful nuclear energy with uranium enrichment. Yours says “there will be consequences” while his says “I don’t give a damn about resolutions”. Meanwhile Prime Minister Olmert just started pissing himself. Adding a third urine sword to the mix could make things more volatile. Let me know what happens.


Unknown said...

I am very scared of this whole mess. I find it hard to believe the Iranians want to use uranium for peaceful purposes..more like blow Israel to kingdom come..

Irainians duly elected that freak now in office. He reminds me of Bush in many repects..which can't trust him as far as you can toss him.He has special interests to handle too, lets not kid ourselves.

All I know is..diplomacy has to be given a chance..keep bitching at him from all sides..keep up the heat in diplomatic circles..Russia and China are now huge players in the world..and there isn't a damn thing we can do about it.We need to keep the Russians and the Chinese above board and in our corner as much as our corner I mean the United Nations diplomacy corner..

If your a dickhead..and everyone you meet and interact with tells you what a dickhead you are..eventually you realize your a dickhead and no one wants to play with a dickhead..and you get tired of playing in the sandbox eventually learn to get-along..

PEU Report/State of the Division said...

Mutually assured destruction worked for decades with countries having many times the nuclear weapons as Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Israel, and India combined.

Both play the patriot card, both are tough guys and use incendiary language, and both cannot act unilaterally. The problem is exacerbated when the people serving as checks and balances get caught up in the war of rhetoric.

I don't see how any Islamic country would blow Israel to kingdom come as Jerusalem is their second holiest site. They may not want Arabs living in Israel to be treated as second class citizens as they are today and the Palestine-Israel travesty is a cancer in the region.

I have faith that more reasonable people will step up and challenge either leader as they march on towards violence. Someone on Jack Cafferty had an interesting suggestion, "We dump our leader while you dump yours and let the American and Iranian people get along". May that come true!