Monday, November 29, 2021

Promise to Inform Public on Shelter Crises Remains Unfulfilled


The public remains unaware of the mystery illness impacting City of San Angelo Animal Shelter dogs.  The illness began November 10th.  Adoption contractor Concho Valley PAWS informed the public via Facebook eleven days ago.    PAWS ignored a question regarding the symptoms of the mystery disease.

I asked the city for the following information on November 19th, the day after the mystery illness was revealed.

Please provide a copy of the city's public information policy for contractor Concho Valley PAWS communicating with the media regarding the status of Animal Shelter operations. Please send any press releases the city issued to the media on shelter operations from November 1. 2021 to the present. 

The city said there were no documents pertinent/responsive to my request.  Recall on November 4th the Animal Shelter reduced services to emergency only due to a staff shortage. 

Both PAWS and the City said they would provide further information on these challenges.  Neither the city or PAWS provided an update today.  The public remains uniformed.

Update 12-8-21:  The City issued a press release on the mystery illness on 12-1.  It was an intentional poisoning and the police have opened an investigation.  Today, Concho Valley PAWS indicated over 200 dogs had been poisoned.   The toxin killed three shelter dogs.  This occurred while these dogs were under the care of the city Animal Shelter.

Update 12-10-21:  San Angelo Animal Shelter leadership reported the criminal act to SAPD on Friday, November 19th at 4:31 pm.  The City waited twelve days before informing the public.

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