Thursday, November 04, 2021

City's "No Kill" Press Release Cited Wrong Year

A recent press release cited 2015 as the year the City of San Angelo set its "No Kill" goal for the Animal Shelter.  That didn't seem right so I submitted a public information request.

Please provide documents showing the city adopted its "No Kill" shelter goal in 2015.

The city's response was one document:

Minutes from ASAC meeting July 21, 2016

The minutes for the agenda item stated:

Discussion and possible action related to ASAC Goals & Objectives: 

Mr. Salas read the goals & objectives set by the committee during two work sessions. Ms. Wilson gave additional details on the “no kill” shelter goal providing clarifying language as to what a “no kill” shelter means, and also clarified that shelter manning levels would be set by comparison cities who have shown to be successful. Ms. Bennett moved to approve G&O. Seconded by Ms. Doepp. Motion carried.

The two work sessions mentioned occurred in June 2016.

2015 was an active year for Animal Services as the city adopted mandatory spay-neuter and micro-chipping ordinances.  

Not one Animal Services Advisory Committee meeting during 2015 had "No Kill" on its agenda.   The City set its "No Kill" goal in July 2016.  A public information document confirmed the City of San Angelo's public information error.

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