Thursday, November 14, 2019

Shelter "Not Taking Animals" Message Reversed

How did a story get written about the San Animal Animal Shelter no longer accepting animals?  That message hit San Angelo Live yesterday around 3:30 pm.

A different message ran on this morning:

The shelter continues to accept animals, according to adoption contractor PAWS Director Jenie Wilson.  Wilson is the only person quoted in either piece on the city animal shelter.  That seems odd given shelter operations encompass more than adoptions.

Below is information from the city's website from all departments potentially involved:

As of noon today there is no official communication on the city's website relative to the shelter being full and any ramifications for the public.  I know of no city department where public information is outsourced to the vendor.  That's not supposed to be the case for Animal Services.

Update 11-21-19:  City officials provided Live no information on the shelter being full, saying "We are not sure where SAL got their information from." Only one person was quoted, PAWS ED Jenie Wilson, so it's clear Live got their information from the city's adoption coordinator.

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