Saturday, November 16, 2019

City Not Behind Stories on Shelter Being Full

I requested information from the City of San Angelo after San Angelo Live reversed its story on the Animal Shelter being full and not accepting animals from the public.  My request stated:

Please provide a copy of the communication sent to the media on 11-13-19 regarding the shelter being at maximum capacity, the one San Angelo Live referred to in their 11-13-19 article that stated the shelter would no longer accept animals from the public Also, please provide a copy of the city's public information policy for staff and contractors on communicating with the media. In addition. please provide the policy/contract that has the city's adoption contractor performing as the public face for the city animal shelter. Thank you.
The City responded with no documents and a denial on how that story got out

The City of San Angelo has reviewed its files and has determined there are no responsive documents to your request. Additionally, we did not send anything to the media. We are not sure where SAL got their information from
I'll venture Public Information Officer Brian Groves called to find out.  One can deduce the source as Live's articles quoted Concho Valley PAWS Executive Director Jenie Wilson.  Mrs. Wilson spoke of her great relationship with the media at the September Animal Services Advisory Committee meeting.  PIO Brian Groves was in attendance.

Live's Facebook feed on their original story blew up as area rescues tried to state their case to a PAWS board member, the wife of a former City Mayor.  The interchange was not a testimony to that board member's listening skills.  Rescues ended up inviting that person to tour their operations, which do significant work in our community on behalf of animals. 

Update 11-20-19:  Live ran another PAWS shelter story featuring Executive Director Jenie Wilson from start to finish.  Jenie mentioned "critics" but avoided the main concern from area animal organizations that animals are adopted from the shelter unaltered with an appointment for spay/neuter surgery.  Many miss that appointment leaving unaltered animals, some of which end up at area rescues.  Also, Wilson did not address PAWS or the shelter not taking animals back when the adoption does not work out.  Live fell for the straw man ploy.

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