Sunday, December 16, 2018

Solid Waste Fund Balance Rises to $4.37 Million

San Angelo's City Council authorized City Manager Daniel Valenzuela to amend the solid waste contract with Republic Service allowing a reduction in acceptable recycling materials.  Republic committed to the following recyclables at City Council in March 2015.

Council reduced this list to:

This is the second change in the contract for Republic Services.  The first removed recycling collection from weekly to every other week and increased bulk collection from quarterly to the week opposite recycling.  The second reduces the kind of material allowed.

The City did not remove the recycling penalty charge of 50 cents of a month when it reduced the frequency of recycling and has been silent on this fee as the types of recycling are reduced.

The Finance Department updated Council on the Solid Waste Department's fiscal year close.  Solid Waste made a nearly $900,000 profit.

Finance Director Tina Dierschke failed to mention the Solid Waste Fund Balance of nearly $4.4 million at the end of the fiscal year.  It turns out trash is highly profitable for Republic and the City of San Angelo.

Update 12-21-18:  The Standard Times ran the city's position on the recycling change.  The 50 cent recycling charge remains in place according to the story. 

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