Tuesday, December 11, 2018

City Removes Financial Report Documents from Website

The City's Finance Department received recognition at City Council for Excellence in Financial Reporting on 12-11-18.  The proclamation stated the award:

"demonstrates “a constructive spirit of full disclosure to clearly communicate its financial story.”

Our citizens want assurances their city government manages their tax dollars with the utmost efficiency, effectiveness and transparency. Earning this honor five years in a row gives the public a high level of assurance that is indeed the case.  Interested taxpayers are invited and encouraged to go to the City’s website to  read our award-winning audit report.

Oddly, the week before this recognition the Finance Department removed monthly financial report documents from its website.  The City no longer has any 2018 or 2017 Bluebook documents available for the public to access.

Older documents from 2015-2016 remain accessible to the public.  I wrote Mayor Brenda Gunter and blind copied every member of City Council.  Not one council person responded after being informed of this move away from openness and transparency.

The documents remain inaccessible on the city's website.

While not on the city's website the 2018 Bluebook accounting documents are available here. (added to this post on 12-26-18)

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State of the Division/PEU Report said...

The City removed the rest of its historical Bluebook documents from their website. What was shown in the graphic as "still available" is no longer there.