Saturday, September 15, 2018

Animal Shelter Released 500 Unaltered Dogs over 6 Month Period

Animal Shelter Director Morgan Chegwidden informed City Councilman Tommy Hiebert in January that the shelter released approximately 500 unaltered dogs to PAWS or other approved facilities.  The recipients would be responsible for spaying/neutering the unaltered pets.  The City of San Angelo adopted a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance in May 2017.

Morgan's numbers to Councilman Hiebert indicate the city paid for spay/neuter surgery for 188 of the 688 unaltered dogs adopted from April through November 2017.  That's a mere 27.3% of the unaltered dogs processed and adopted by the shelter during that period.  PAWS took responsibility for fixing 14.5% and other facilities 58% of dogs adopted over the six month time frame.

Morgan cited 8 dogs were not yet spayed or neutered, a higher number than represented to City Council.  For some reason city leaders chose not to share these numbers with the public, despite numerous inquiries and renewing the PAWS contract.

Update 9-29-18:  The Animal Shelter is experiencing a Parvo virus outbreak among the dog population.   From April to November 2017 vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries were done in the same veterinary visit, thus 500 of the 688 dogs left the shelter without vaccinations or spay/neuter surgeries as required by city ordinance.

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