Saturday, February 17, 2018

City Wants Television Studio in City Hall

The City of San Angelo issued an RFP for a new television studio.

Provider agrees to provide Services for the development of a television studio in the City Hall Annex, 301 W. Beauregard Ave., San Angelo, Texas. That includes a comprehensive and integrated system of audio-visual technology that enhances video productions broadcast on the City’s government access television channel and posted on the Internet; and to provide maintenance services for the A/V system for a period of five years.
A former City Council approved a new audio visual system from Rushworks in May 2015 at a cost not to exceed $325,000.  The Rushworks' system was installed in November 2015.

A portable system that includes four cameras, switching equipment and a wireless audio system will allow the recording of meetings in other locales, such as last year’s strategic planning session at Fort Concho. 
That rational did not apply to the Development Corporation's recent strategic planning meeting. No one in City Hall would accept responsibility for not recording this meeting in another locale.

Not long ago City Council added to this system by approving a new camera and audio equipment for SAPAC and the City Auditorium.  Media Rushworks got the nod to add to the current system.  The 1-9-18 memo from PIO Anthony Wilson stated:

The total cost of the video recording and streaming system in the Murphey Performance Hall in City Auditorium is $63,633. 
The new RFP due 2-6-18 requires:

1. The vendor will design a comprehensive and integrated audio/visual studio set-up in Suite 202A in the City Hall Annex. The City will use some of its existing inventory of cameras.
2. The system must include the following: remote camera controllers, switching equipment, easily manipulated on-screen graphics (such as titles), studio lighting that enhances broadcast quality, high-quality audio (including a mixing board), touch-screen technology, high-def screens and monitors, a connection to the computer server for the City’s Public Education and Governmental Channel (PEG) channel, and a sound booth for recording voiceovers.
3. The system must produce video files that will be compatible with the Public Information Office’s television channel server. Specifications for the server will be obtained at the mandatory site visit.
4. The system must provide for real-time live streaming from the studio on the City’s website and social media, and on its TV channel.
5. The vendor shall provide a five-year warranty and a maintenance agreement.
6. The proposal must be turnkey in nature, from the design to the equipping to the installation to the training and maintenance.
7. The installation must not interfere with the work of the Public Information staff in two adjoining offices. 

The project is expected to cost from $200,000-$300,000 and take 90 days to complete.

City Council will have spent $550,000 to $650,000 in three years on video recording equipment.  Style does have a price.

Update 3-3-18:  City Council will hear a proposal to spend $294,000 on its new TV studio.

Update 3-6-18:  City Council passed the item unanimously.

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