Sunday, May 03, 2015

Is City Council Ready to Go High Tech?

Public Information Officer Anthony Wilson will present an audio-visual package for Council's consideration.  The City went out for bids expecting to pay $100,000 to $200,000 for the latest and greatest technology to record meetings and share information while council is in sessions.  The winning bidder came in well above expectations, some $125,000 to $225,000 over.

Anthony's presentation shows a $325,000 capital budget for Public Information while the current operating budget shows $250,000.  I'm sure Anthony will clarify these changes in his presentation on Tuesday.  He always does.

The question is what City Council wants.  Did they prioritize this project above other city needs, like the city's looming pension deficit or safety net health services for citizens? 

Council will make their mark on Tuesday.

Update 5-5-15:  Council gave a resounding yes to spending $325,000 on a new audiovisual system via a 7-0 vote.  The discussion will be interesting to watch.

Update 8-4-15:  Wilson sold Council by saying the new system would allow them to video meetings in rooms outside council chambers.  City Council and COSADC board met on 7-21-15 and the meeting was not videod.  I've asked if the new system has been installed.  I'll update this post with the city's answer. City Clerk Bryan Kendrick replied ,"The new audio/video equipment will be operational in September."  .

Update 10-9-15:  The new video equipment will be installed after the next City Council meeting scheduled for October 20th.    

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