Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What City Does Not Audit or Correct

In mid-August Citizens learned from public meetings the City of San Angelo does not audit two areas of concern, safety training to reduce workplace injuries and the protocol for euthanizing sick or injured pets.

On 8-15-17 City Council asked Risk Manager Charles Hagan about strategies to reduce workplace injuries.  The topic arose in a Worker's Compensation presentation of an actuarial audit which was completed nearly a year ago (9-30-2016).  Hagan said department managers are responsible for weekly safety training.  When asked if anyone audits to see if such training occurred.  Hagan said he did not review those records.

The Animal Services Advisory Committee (ASAC) heard how the city conducts euthanasia of sick and injured pets.  A public outcry occurred after shelter staff euthanized Misty, a deaf Rat Terrier/Pit Bull mix.

Staff presented the euthanasia policy in ASAC's August 17th meeting.  When asked about the city's compliance with its stated euthanasia policy Neighborhood and Family Services Director Bob Salas said "Hmmmm, I don't know."  He said he would need to check on this and get back with the board.

Salas knew for months the public wanted answers on Misty.  Competent management would investigate Misty's death and conduct a wider audit on euthanasia compliance.  A seemingly basic management question stumped Bob Salas.

In addition the city does not correct the public record when staff present false and misleading information.  Former Animal Services Director James Flores did just that in May with his Community Cat survey.  Flores twisted the results to support his desired strategy for community cats.

Below is my interaction with City staff on the topic:

Question:  How does the City of San Angelo correct incorrect information, willfully or inadvertently shared and recorded for the public to view?

Official City Response:  This does not meet the requirements of a open public records request. Additionally, I am not aware of any records that would respond to this sort of request.

Followup Question:  So the city has no policy, practice or legal requirement ensuring the public gets correct and accurate information?  If no such things exist, please send me the City Manager and Public Information Officer job descriptions.
The city sent the requested job descriptions, nothing more.

The public information officer must know:
· Legal, ethical and professional rules of conduct for public sector employees.

The city manager:
• Supervises and provides advice and counsel to department directors regarding policy interpretation relevant to City programs and services, and confers with department directors in planning and carrying out special projects. 
Neither party admitted the falsehoods perpetrated by James Flores which reside in the city's public record.  However, the Animal Services Advisory Board learned of Flores' lies during their August 17, 2017 meeting.

The city's call for management excellence rings hollow in a number of arenas.  It makes one wonder how deep the hollowness goes.

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