Monday, September 11, 2017

Railway Museum Runs Further Off Track

Volunteer Executive Director Shannon Carpenter resigned after a month with the Railway Museum.  She either could not pull together a fractious board or splintered it with her bombastic e-mails.  The volunteer board declined the opportunity to pay her $85,000 a year to serve as their paid executive director.

Still no word from former Board President David Wood who has to be considering where to take his giant sized railroad set and possibly a defamation lawsuit.  An understanding city management gave the new board President until Friday to submit a business plan worthy of a 50 year lease.  In six short days the City decimated San Angelo's Railway Museum. 

Update 4-21-18:  Shannon Carpenter is behind a GoFundMe account for a young boy attacked by a pit bull.  That money remains in limbo despite donors clear intent for the money to help the child victim.

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