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Resignation Letter Submitted Six Days Before Cancelled ASAC Meeting

Citizens turned out for the June 15, 2017 Animal Shelter Advisory Committee meeting.  Their opportunity to be heard died due to lack of quorum.  The failure to achieve a quorum rested on the committee's former chair, who sat in the audience.

The Standard Times story on the non-meeting addressed Ms. Wilson's surprise resignation, which referenced her not having "enough hours in a day."  For those who are curious her second resignation letter from the ASAC is below.  Only Bradley Petty, ASAC member, got left off her e-mail. 

Kendrick, Bryan
Subject: FW: Resignation from ASAC
From: Jenie Wilson
Sent: Friday, June 09, 2017 1:29 AM

To: Flores, James ; Salas, Robert ; 'Mo Soupiset' ; 'Faye Doepp' ; 'Sara Bennett' ; David Howard ; 'Dr Schulze'  

Subject: Resignation from ASAC 

Dear Mr. Dane, Mr. Salas, Mr. Flores and Animal Advisory Board Members, 

It is with much regret that I submit to you my letter of resignation of service to the Animal Services Advisory Committee. It has been an honor to serve with you and I know you will continue to strive to be a positive force of change for the welfare of the animals and good of our community. 

I visited with Mr. Flores at length earlier this evening, and he shared with me concerns that some of the advisory members expressed this evening regarding a statement I made to Standard Times Reporter, Ms. Rashda Kahn in reference to the injured dog that was euthanized on Saturday. I offer my sincerest apologies to anyone who took offense to my statement. Despite this unfortunate incident, I still have great respect for the Mr. Flores and the positive changes he has made for the San Angelo Animal Shelter. I understand that difficult decisions must be made every day and I do not envy the positions that he and his staff are put in daily. I will always acknowledge and praise the good work I have seen, however when I feel something is wrong or could or should have been handled differently, it would be wrong of me to stand silent. Silence has never brought forth positive change. 

As a representative of rescue, I will not always agree with the decisions made by people in the animal control industry and that is acceptable, as I am sure people who work in animal control do not always agree with the perspectives of rescues. But a mutual respect and desire to achieve a common goal can make a working relationship possible and successful. I hope that even though I disagree on occasion with San Angelo Animal Control, we can remain focused on our common goal to end the killing of adoptable pets. Mr. Flores has accomplished a great deal since he took over the shelter and I know there is more that needs to be done and more he wants to do. I wish Mr. Flores and the advisory board the very best in achieving these goals and I hope PAWS can continue to be a part of advancing adoptions though our partnership. 

For months you have heard me advocate for animals. You’ve heard me express a desire to help show the value that these lives have. I have said on many occasions that the only answer to our community’s complex issues with animal control is to put the responsibility back on the owners or guardians of these animals. That is a belief in which I stand firm. However, when humans fail these animals, I believe all of us have an ethical responsibility to protect them, aid them and shelter them, and I believe animal control should lead in that role. 

At this time, I do not think it is appropriate for me to continue serving in the capacity of chairwoman of the Animal Services Advisory Committee. I believe I can achieve more and be of greater assistance by focusing on my work with Concho Valley PAWS. 

I have enjoyed working with you and have had the privilege to learn from each of you. I am very grateful for the opportunity you have allowed me. 


Jenie Wilson

City staff said her first resignation letter was not available.  Yet the Standard Times wrote:

"First appointed to the committee on Feb. 18, 2009, and resigned Aug. 19, 2010, citing a conflict of interest." 
It was a conflict of interest for a newly hired rescue leader to serve on the Animal Service Board.  That conflict has only grown more egregious with the city paying the same rescue $60,000 a year for adoption management.

Minutes from the August 19, 2010 Animal Services Board meeting show Wilson resigning at the end of the meeting, just prior to adjournment.  Anyone wanting to make public comment got their opportunity that day.

The minutes refute City Clerk Bryan Kendrick's recent assertion that Wilson served out her allowable term the first go round.  He shared his belief at the City Council meeting where she was reinstated to the board.

The last official Animal Services Advisory Committee meeting had the former director outright lying to the board and public.  There's lots of air to clear since that May meeting.

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