Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Kelton Defers on Solid Waste Fund Balance

Operations Director Shane Kelton presented the need for the city to build its fund balance to fund an expanded or brand new landfill.  Shane got the obvious question from Mayor Brenda Gunther, "What's your fund balance now?"

Kelton's reply:  "I'd have too....  Do you have the Bluebook Tina?"

Discussion continued on various ways to expand the landfill while Finance Director Tina Dierschke flipped through paper.  Rather than give the current Solid Waste fund balance of nearly $2.5 million with three months left in the fiscal year, Dierschke gave the projected budget fund balance for year end of just over $2. 5 million.

Mayor Gunther clearly asked for the current solid waste fund balance.  The $2,463,745 could grow another $200,000 if the current spread of revenue over expenses continues as it has for the first nine months of the fiscal year.

I find it odd staff cannot answer a simple direct question, one that should be easily anticipated within the city's highly recognized budget process.

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