Friday, February 13, 2015

Development Corporation's Late Annual Report

The City of San Angelo Development Corporation is yet to issue an Annual Report for 2013.  It's been fifteen months since COSADC produced its 2012 Annual Report for the general public.  Interim Executive Director Bob Schneeman had his hands full so it's understandable the report came out later in the year than prior annual reports.

Economic Development Director Roland Pena is yet to issue a report to the community.  He started on January 21, 2014.

“If San Angelo is to grow and thrive, it’s vital that we actively work to bring more jobs from diverse industries that pay attractive wages,” City Manager Daniel Valenzuela said. “That rising economic tide lifts the fortunes of all in our community. At its essence, economic development is a quality of life issue.”

How high did the tide rise for companies receiving local taxpayer assistance?  City Councilwoman Charlotte Farmer raised the question at the end of Council's February 3rd meeting.  We'll see if and when she gets an answer.

Update 3-20-15:  I located the slide presentation of the 2012 annual report to city council.

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