Monday, February 02, 2015

Bad Optics for Pfluger's Frac Sand Facility

San Angelo Live reported:

A truck tractor towing a semi-trailer for frac sand slammed into a gray GMC Sierra Pickup truck at 4:40 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

This occurred on Bryant Boulevard just blocks away from Lee Pfluger's proposed frac sand transfer facility.  It occurred days before a public hearing by the Zoning Board of Adjustments, where opponents will state their case that the city erred in allowing the frac sand facility in town, next to neighborhoods and a high traffic road. 

Update 2-3-15:  Lee Plfuger changed his deed restriction to eliminate frac sand transloading, which caused four of the five appellants to drop their case.  A final appellant press the case.  The Zoning Board of Adjustments voted 5-0 to overturn the original decision which allowed the frac sand site  .  A similar project in Minnesota has a company ponying up funds for an environmental study to frac.  Frick wants to frac.

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