Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Trashaway-Republic Contract Performance: No Adults in Room

One has to wonder what the city did between 2004 and 2014 to monitor Trashaway-Republic's compliance with its City of San Angelo contract.  The public learned there was no authorization for special charges Trashaway-Republic charged commercial clients.  In addition the city conducted no billing audits to ensure Trashaway complied with contract terms regarding allowable charges.

Add another omission to the list, the required reporting of complaints to City officials by Trashaway-Republic.  The contract language states:


Contractor agrees to respond within a reasonable time to any complaint from the City or any citizen regarding services.  Contractor shall maintain a written log of the source, date and nature of such complaint, the resolution thereof, and shall provide to City a written report of such complaints at least twice annually 

Texas Disposal Systems, Trashaway-Republic's competitor, sought access to the complaint lists for the last five years. 

On May 22, TDS submitted an open records request to the City of San Angelo asking for copies of the Contractor reports required under section 2.1.5 of the contract.  The City responded with the attached letter, which states the City does not possess the records and that the documents are not in existence at this time.  

This is the department our current water chief ran for eight of the last ten years?  No billing audits, no complaint logs (as required by contract), what else did the City not do.  I find it amazing how the city abdicated its responsibilities to Trashaway-Republic.  It's as if there were no adults in the room, just boys, the good 'ole variety.

(The letters referred to above are embedded in the Slideshare document at the top of this post.)

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