Sunday, June 08, 2014

Selling City of San Angelo's Industrial Park

The City of San Angelo Development Corporation approved its contract with the Chamber of Commerce for $225,000  Exhibit A - Scope of Service specified in item III:

As part of its marketing efforts on behalf of COSADC, the Provider will maintain up-to date information for business prospects. Included will be a cost of living index, specialized brochures advertising land and buildings, general community information necessary for the site selection process, and a current website relative to the community and COSADC assistance and activities.
The very next item was a Request for Qualifications for a Realtor to market land in the City's Industrial Park.  Economic Development Director Roland Pena said he'd seen this work well in other communities.  When asked if he was seeking a local real estate agent or someone with a regional/national commercial capability, Pena waffled, deferring to purchasing staff for guidance.  He started with local, then expressed an openness to anyone who could bring in the business.  I expected him to share something about the arrangements he'd seen in other communities.

The follow-up question dealt with how this proposed service might compare with what the Chamber already does for COSADC.  Pena referred to the city's Industrial Park land as out of sight, out of mind.  It will be interesting to see the City's Request for Qualifications and hear future discussion on this topic. 

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