Sunday, April 27, 2014

Standard Times Endorses Furniture Fiasco Player

The Standard Times editorial board endorsed Elizabeth Grindstaff for City Council SMD 5 in the upcoming election.  Former Assistant City Manager Grindstaff served under City Manager Harold Dominguez and Interim City Manager Michael Dane.  She coordinated the renovation of City Hall which came in way over budget and a year late.

Also, Grindstaff told a former City Council she never had one conversation with Water Chief Will Wilde on the $100,000 purchase and installation of furniture without required City Council approval.  City e-mails show Grindstaff encouraging Wilde to advance the purchase so the city could be out of the old West Texas Utilities building.  Guess who moved into that facility?  Coincidentally, it was Grindstaff's current employer Texas Pacifico, which not long ago sought economic development aid to the tune of $250,000.

Elizabeth Grindstaff has donations and endorsements from some of the finest people in San Angelo.  I expect her to win, which ironically will prevent Texas Pacifico from getting economic development funds while she serves on Council.

Serving the public means having to answer difficult questions and honesty is best.  It remains to be seen if her misrepresentation in Council chambers continues or if that was a one time event.

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