Friday, April 04, 2014

Furniture Fiasco: Grindstaff's Micromanagement in Reverse

The Standard Times reported:

“We are not going to be throwing any mud,” said Elizabeth Grindstaff, who is running for SMD 5. “At least that’s not my intention.”

Grindstaff said she hopes to make San Angelo a friendlier place for business, having had experience both in city government and in the private-business sector.

“I believe in a kind of grass-roots approach,” Grindstaff said. “I believe in making development easier in San Angelo, in spreading out that tax burden.”

She added that she thinks the council should be a policy board and, while it should expect a lot from city staff, it shouldn’t micromanage.

And candidates shouldn't have lied to city council about the role they played in Council's biggest embarrassment, the purchase and installation of over $100,000 in Water Department furniture for the new City Hall.

A star player in the Furniture Fiasco Production could soon be sitting on the City Council dais.  That's not mud, but a simple fact.  Surprising San Angelo!

Update 4-7-14:  The Standard Times reported on a candidate forum hosted by the Tom Green County Democratic Party.  Elizabeth Grindstaff said:  "The city has a staff paid to do a good job, and council needs to listen and act accordingly.  The city needs to be willing to instill a conservation ethic in the community."  “We need people to get involved,” Grindstaff said. “Don’t wait until something is wrapped in a bow and ready for council to approve it, get involved in different committees, go to the hearings.”

Update 4-12-14:  Grindstaff's campaign finance report shows a number of donations from prominent locals, i.e. there are a lot of good people on this list.  With this kind of support I expect her to win a Council seat.  Council won't be able to reconsider a Texas Pacifico economic development grant with Grindstaff on council.  She would need to resign and Texas Pacifico wait six months before such an award could be considered. 

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