Sunday, December 08, 2013

Ethics Point Has No Quality Control

After filing two reports with Texas Tech University, the first citing unethical and unprofessional behavior by two TTU leaders and the second on TTU's hapless investigation, I wrote the maker of EthicsPoint software:

I utilized TexasTech's EthicsPoint system and found the quality of investigation to be abysmal.  My concerns were not investigated but summarily dismissed.
I shared the shoddiness of the investigation by filing a second complaint.

Does EthicsPoint monitor the quality of investigations performed by member institutions?  If so, I'd like to offer my unsatisfactory experience for consideration.
StateoftheDivision/PEU Report
Here is their reply:
Thank you for contacting NAVEX Global Client Care.  NAVEX Global is a third-party organization that provides hotline and case management systems for the organizations we serve.  NAVEX Global provides a system to receive your report information and then transmits that information to the appropriate parties.  However, our clients are the ones actually responsible for carrying-out the investigation of your report. 
If you wish to file a report or follow-up on an existing report, please consult the appropriate resources at your organization, or visit and click on "file a report" or "follow up" in the top-right corner of the page. Or you may call the general EthicsPoint hotline at (866) 384-4277. 
Kind regards,
NAVEX Global
Once again my experience with Texas Tech and its compliance vendor has been ethics pointless.  The lawyerization of management covers animal cruelty with doublespeak and no real recourse.  Dare I file a third complaint, based on the recommendation of software vendor EthicsPoint?

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