Sunday, December 08, 2013

Chilly Update on Texas Tech Feral Cats

West Texas' early and icy winter aided President Duane Nellis' war on Texas Tech's Feral Cat colony.  Here's part of the continuing story of the Tech feral cats. 

The sad thing is that during this horrible frigid weather, the cats that do remain don't have any shelter.  Tech removed the existing shelters when they dismantled all but three of the eleven feeding stations.  A volunteer had paid for all of them (as well as all the feeding bowls and supplies) and wrote Kent Meredith, the interim Director of the physical plant, about the financial loss she experienced from these things being stolen/removed.  She never got a reply.  
Tech's story all along is that they collaborated with area animal rights groups and Tech Feral volunteers.  If that were the case shelters would've been relocated or returned to volunteers, not removed and trashed.  Adding to the collaboration illusion is the string of e-mails to varying levels of TTU leadership that never got a reply.

Tech administrators reneged on their promise to collaborate long ago, choosing to escalate its cruel tactics when challenged by the cats' longtime caretakers.

Tech said it contacted PETA when PETA representatives clearly state otherwise.  It may be time for Jackson Galaxy to pay a visit to Lubbock.  Might Jackson's insightful questions for Tech administrators lead to a change of heart?  If the Grinch could do it, so can Chancellor Hance and President Nellis.

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