Friday, March 22, 2013

Rapid Turnaround for ASU Hoops Hire

Angelo State University Athletic Director Sean Johnson announced Head Basketball Coach Fred Rike had been fired.  That was Sunday afternoon, March 3rd.  The Standard Times indicated Rike had just been told of his termination.

Johnson informed Rike of the decision Saturday night after the game
ASU's Rampage quoted Johnson on the search in the March 8th edition:

Johnson said that he has some people in mind for the job, but right now, ASU has an “open search” going for the head coach position.

Johnson said that he intends to dig deep into all the candidates as quickly as possible because ASU wants to fill the position before the semester ends.

On Friday March 22nd Johnson introduced new head coach Chris Beard as a press conference.  That's a mere 18 days to interview candidates, check references, conduct background checks, extend an offer, get a "yes" response and set up a press conference with the new coach in attendance.

The Rampage stated on Rike's termination:

Johnson said that the decision was not a spur-of-the-moment move, but one that he and ASU President Dr. Brian May had discussed for months before making it final.
Coincidentally,  new coach Chris Beard spent ten years as Coach Knight's assistant at Texas Tech, first for legendary Bobby, then under son Pat.  Angelo State has been part of the Texas Tech University System for the last six years

Since Johnson and May don't make spur-of-the-moment decisions, I'm led to believe this move was underfoot for some time.  That would explain the quick turnaround.

Who's the next "under-performer" to get the axe based on body of work?

Update 3-31-13:  ASU advertized the position with the NCAA on March 6th.  Two weeks and two days later the University had its man.  

Update 3-31-13:  The Women's basketball coach search was also swift.  A March 8th resignation turned into a March 14 NCAA posting.  ASU named new head coach Cayla Petree on March 29.    That's another three week decision for a pair that doesn't make spur of the moment decisions.

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