Monday, March 04, 2013

MedHab Assigned Founder's Patent

The U.S. Patent Office approved MedHab's patent #8,384,551.  Power reported on March 2nd the three inventors assigned their patent to MedHab:  The inventors include MedHab's two co-founders, Johnny Ross and Tim Saguera, as well as Johnny Ross' wife   The patent information remains the same.

A sensor device has an insole, a sensor body abutting the insole, pressure sensors operably mounted on the sensor body for generating a pressure data signal, and an accelerometer mounted on the insole for generating a movement data signal indicating the measuring movement of the insole. A transmitter is used for transmitting the pressure data signal and the movement data signal to a reporting device having a receiver for receiving the pressure data signal and the movement data signal. The reporting device further has a processor and a computer-readable medium for storing the pressure data signal and the movement data signal. 

Did any money change hands for the patent assignment?  Power Engineering had no information in that regard.

MedHab is in the midst of its third capital raise.  Did any of those proceeds go toward the patent assignment?  Board member, investor and San Angelo Mayor Alvin New might know the answer.

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