Sunday, January 13, 2013

Permanently Replacing Will Wilde

Mayor New implied City Manager Daniel Valenzuela had made a decision on leadership for the beleaguered Water Department in the January 8 Council meeting.  Valenzuela has only mentioned Interim Director Ricky Dickson in the numerous discussions on Water Department problems.

Dickson served as Director of Operations for the City, a position parallel to the Water Department.  Dickson worked alongside Wilde for years.  They had distinctly different responsibilities.

While I'm sure Ricky Dickson is a good, ethical person, I'm curious about the minimum qualifications for the Water Department Director position.  What were those qualifications under Will Wilde?  Have they changed since Will's retirement?  If so, were they enhanced or relaxed?

The public deserves the most qualified, ethical Water Department leader possible.  Citizens were more disturbed than Council members regarding the series of Wilde undeclared conflicts of interest.

If a credible search is conducted and Ricky Dickson rises to the top, great.  There are no clues that's in the works.  I hope I'm proven wrong. 

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