Saturday, January 19, 2013

Councilman Fredd Adams Latest Resignation

The City of San Angelo finally had an elected leader join the spate of resignations in City Hall.  City Councilman Fredd Adams stepped down in the wake of his third Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) arrest. He submitted his resignation letter to Mayor Alvin New and provided a copy to the Standard Times.

Adams seat will likely sit empty until May elections.  It's up to the public as to how to interpret Fredd's empty chair.  Will it represent the ghost in the room on ethical breakdowns, ranging from Mayor New's actual relationship with MedHab to Water Chief Will Wilde's son being fired from the City, then hired to work on the Hickory water pipeline construction?  For some it might be the empty chair from a loved one killed by a drunk driver.  For now, it's Fredd Adams:  Empty chair. 

Update 1-20-13: Councilman Adams seat may be empty a matter of days.  A unanimous vote by remaining members can fill the seat.

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