Friday, November 30, 2012

Second Unapproved $101,000 Expenditure

An October 4 e-mail from City of San Angelo Purchasing Director Roger Banks indicated two $101,000 items needing City Council approval.  The first, now known as Furniture-gate or the Furniture Fiasco, came to light on October 16.  No purchase order was issued "as required by local and state law" prior to the selection and installation of Water Department furniture.  Over several months the furniture amount rose from $91,000 to nearly $101,000.

The second $101,000 project also involved City Hall, specifically Change Order #7.  I search city council agendas and minutes and couldn't find this item in October or November.

Councilman Johnny Silvas asked new City Manager Daniel Valenzuela to check into "other purchases of over $50,000 that are out there" via e-mail.  Change Order #7 is one, at least in the eyes of the city's Purchasing Chief.

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Anonymous said...

How has the interem city manager gone unscathed through out this fiasco

Anonymous said...

Good question. I think that there is a lot that has gone on in the last 7-8 years that should be investigated. Why the massive loss and/or firing of long term employees? I believe things went downhill extremely fast after the hiring of Elizabeth Grindstaff and her cohort Shawn Lewis.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot that needs to be investigated at the City! Why the mass exodus of good, long term employees in the past 6-8 years? Something is definitely wrong with admin.