Thursday, November 29, 2012

Council Agenda to Show Water Department Audit?

San Angelo City Councilman Dwain Morrison asked to put an audit of the water department on the agenda for the next council meeting.  Morrison said he'd gotten 42 e-mails in the last week regarding a petition to audit the Water Department.  Morrison asked that it be on the agenda for December.  He closed with "It may be time to do that (audit)."

Morrison already expressed concern about a possible conflict of interest with Hickory employee on November 6th.  That employee turned out to be the son of Will Wilde, fired from the City and not eligible for rehire.

Since the November 20 meeting Water Chief Will Wilde and his assistant Tom Kerr retired.  Will that remove the pressure?  The agenda should be posted tomorrow.  I look forward to seeing if a Water Department audit is up for consideration. 

Update 12-8-12:  It didn't make the agenda and Councilman Morrison shared his disappointment that his request wasn't honored. The City met with some petitioners and has a committee on audits looking at what might be done.  

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Jim Turner said...

Agenda and packet are online. Rebates and Conservation credit and some entries in the budget amendment are the only water agenda items. No audit.