Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Rallo & Entourage Head to SACS Annual Meeting

Angelo State University President Joe Rallo recently attended the SACS Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida.  Rallo serves on the board of the university accrediting body, as ASU sits in a precarious position. 

ASU's future accreditation might be in the hands of a good report writer.  The editor's task is writing a consistent report that presents the university's accomplishments in the most favorable light.

The university's compliance and accreditation committees changed as often as Rallo's Vice Presidents.  The point man for much of ASU's accrediation work was Dr. Limbaugh, headed to North Montana State for a Chancellorship.

There is a game plan.  The question is execution with top turnover and organizational trauma inflicted by the Texas legislature.  Ironically, Dr. Rallo is now Chair of a Texas higher education council, one focused on public universities.  His responsibility is to interact with the Texas legislature.

Rallo failed to publicly fight for ASU in the last budget decimation.  How will he fare representing all public universities in early 2013?   

Also attending SACS on behalf of ASU were:
Nancy Allen - Vice Provost
Crystal Braden - Director of Institutional Planning, Policy Effectiveness
Doyle Carter - QEP Director
Stephen D. Emmons - Faculty Representative
Sarah Logan - Asst. VP Institutional Research & Accountability
Brian May - Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Bradley Petty - Director of University Recreation
Karen Shumway - Director of Student Learning Assessment
Paul Swets - Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
John Wegner - Associate Professor/Director of Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research
Dr. Wegner serves in the English faculty.  I expect he'd know the difference between wording for strength and clarity vs. spinning yarns.  It remains to be seen how ASU will muster the will and competence to pass accreditation given its fractured culture and unceasing turnover. 

How did I know to research this story?  I sat behind Dr. Rallo on American Eagle's 7:00 am flight to DFW.

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Anonymous said...

ASU's ACE program for "underprepared" students is being terminated. Heard it thru the grapevine.