Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ASU's Turbulent Future Includes Two New Alumni Positions

Angelo State University will pay for ASU Alumni Association's Executive Director and Office Manager in an announced move.  These two new university positions will report to ASU's newest Vice President, Jason Penry.

The three new slots came after the Texas Legislature decimated ASU's budget, requiring the elimination of 30 positions.  A companion announcement said ASU would spend $435,000 on two pieces of yard art.  Apparently Texas Tech's budget practice of spending a portion of new construction funding on art wasn't impacted by budget cuts. 

ASU is also considering a move to Division 1 athletics.  Employee pay was frozen and many educators took on double overloads, teaching more courses with higher enrollment.  ASU is either a conundrum or a tale of two universities.  One side gives, while the other takes.

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