Friday, June 24, 2011

Blose Almost Lasts a Year

 Vice President and Provost Anthony Blose will celebrate his nearly one year tenure at ASU by stepping down.  Blose cited personal reasons for the move, which is effective June 30.

Flash back to April 2010, when ASU announced the seledtion:

Dr. Anthony P. Blose, a university administrator with an academic background in physics, has been named provost and vice president for academic affairs at Angelo State University.

ASU President Joseph C. Rallo announced the appointment, effective July 15.

Blose comes to ASU from Lake Superior State University (LSSU) in Sault Sainte Marie, Mich., where he has worked as provost and vice president for academic affairs since 2007.

ASU President Dr. Rallo and Dr. Blose were excited about the budding relationship.

Rallo said, “With his broad academic experience and his strong administrative skills in managing a vibrant academic program with multiple regional centers, Dr. Blose is perfectly suited to meeting ASU’s strategic goals at this point in our history. He understands where we are as an institution, where we want to be and how to get there as an effective member of the Texas Tech University System.”

Blose said, “I am well aware of the strong reputation of Angelo State and enthused to be able to utilize my background and experience to further increase the university’s stature and status. The strong teaching/learning emphasis at Angelo State is extremely important to me since I have been associated throughout my academic career with institutions where those things are highly valued. As a provost, I believe it is my role to advocate for all academics and for the university as a whole.”

Much happened in the past year.  After a promising Fall semester, the Texas Legislature promised to blow a hole in ASU's budget.  The question was "how big it would be?"

Dr. Rallo delegated strategic and budgetary changes to his Vice Presidents, three with less than a year's experience at ASU.  The group committed to informing employees with jobs at risk by April 15.  That leaked to mid June.  Some face employment water torture until August. 

Blose bungled administration's surprise move of eliminating the Honors Program.  He needed a better script to avoid logical inconsistencies.  After all, these were smart students the University was dissing.  Rallo reversed the decision, at least temporarily.

Unlike many employees, a space was made for Dr. Blose:

(He) will return to his position as a tenured professor of physics.
Return?  This might be more accurate:  The university will make space for Dr. Blose in its physics department.

The internal announcement on Blose's move closed with:

Again thanks for all that you do for ASU and I hope the summer will be enjoyable.


Joseph C. Rallo

For some, it's hell and not from the heat.  It's the kind of year that ages people.

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