Friday, May 27, 2011

Great Texas Ex-Perryment to Go National?

Texas Governor Rick Perry gave his best "aw shucks" in reference to a possible Presidential bid. Here's the evolution of Perry's thinking on running "Just Say No to Washington, D.C."  Six months ago:

Perry said he would not consider running for president because he had "the best job in the world."
 One week ago Perry focused on cutting health care and firing educators:

When asked earlier this week if he had "ruled out" a bid, he said he would remain focused on the legislative session.
 With the session closing in sight, Perry suddenly became open to a Presidential run:

Gov. Rick Perry has said that he will consider running for president after the state legislative session ends Monday. "I'm going to think about it," Perry said Friday morning

The Texas Legislative session seemed thematically orchestrated to give Perry his conservative bonafides.  He can load up his privatization pack with voter ID, sonogram, bone crushing budget cuts, no new taxes, no rainy day fund, and ride with his gang to Washington.  He needs to get out of Dodge before September 1.  That's when his Great Texas Ex-Perryment officially begins,with its $15 billion hole.

While this has aspects of the Wayback Machine, which gave us a "no fly zone" to reign in a heinous dictator, an unprecedented radiation disaster and the prospect of a government shutdown , it's not the second coming of George W. Bush.  Bush actually worked in a bipartisan fashion during his time as governor.  W. jettisoned it outside the D.C  Beltway.

Perry wants to run the federal government he so readily derides?  Might he use trillions in federal funds to share loot to his friends?  Highly likely. 

Who will ride with Perry, should he get the Republican nomination?  Sweet Sarah Palin, with her rugged Perry-like husband, could ride sidesaddle.  That's be the prettiest pair of gun-totting politico's America has seen in years.  When will America stop offering caricatures for office and run real people?

Update 5-29-11:  Others noticed the Legislative set up for a Perry Presidential run.

Update 6-12-11:  Rumors have Newt Gingrich's campaign staff jumping to the Rick Perry Presidential ship.

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