Sunday, May 29, 2011

Darby Claims Credit for Bone Crushing Budget

Rep. Drew Darby spoke to school funding and the overall budget passed by the Texas Legislature

"I'm going to support it because we have no choice, this is how much money we have, and we have to reallocate the resources within the existing available funds," said Darby, who helped write the budget as a House Appropriations subcommittee chairman.  "The reality is, every part of Texas is having to take a hit."

"The overall budget is down about 8 percent," he said. "We've made almost $15 billion in cuts. I think it reflects priorities. I think we've restored funding in education to a level that is appropriate for right now."

Will Lady Justice pay attention to a Texas Legislature living within its meanness?  Will Medicaid recipients, university students and parents of public school kids line up to vote in the next election?

They'll have a choice, as did this year's Legislature.  Will their priorities align with Rep. Darby's?  Time will tell.

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