Monday, March 28, 2011

Press Conference on Texas Medicaid Cuts

Tom Green County health care providers will hold a press conference tomorrow at noon on the Courthouse steps.

The Health and Human Services Sector in Tom Green County is facing $92 million in cuts in the next budget year if the proposed TX Medicaid funding cuts are passed. The substantial cuts could result in a possible loss of 2,000 jobs in Health and Human Services alone in TGC, and another 1,000 jobs as a trickle-down effect. The Health and Human Services sector is the largest employment provider in TGC.
The $92 million cut for Tom Green County is down from a projected $116 million.  The House Appropriations Committee restored partial funding for caseload.  Medicaid cuts rise to $121 million for the Concho Valley (including Runnels County).  That's a 23% budget cut for providers.

Texas City felt the direct experience from BP's cutting maintenance expenses 25% in 2001.  The Texas City Refinery exploded in 2005, killing fifteen people.  

Last Wednesday I had jury duty in the County Courthouse.  It was interrupted by a bomb threat.  A different kind of bomb will be dropped on our community should draconian budget cuts go through.  It's a Daisy Cutter for health related jobs.

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