Wednesday, March 09, 2011

HHS Cuts Projected at $206 Million for Concho Valley

“There is still a lot of concern about what the base budget does, the cuts, and where those cuts are being made and I think we’re still trying to find some additional savings,” said Rep. Drew Darby, R-San Angelo.

Projected savings for Health & Human Services are $206 million for the Concho Valley, plus Runnels County.  Tom Green County, slated to lose $185 million, comprises most of the cuts. Over $330 million is needed to maintain current services, of which the federal government would pay 60%. 

The most common cut for surrounding counties is in the $1 million range, however Runnels ($6 million) and McCulloch ($3.7 million) stand to lose much more.  .

The $206 million in Concho Valley cuts represents 30% of 2010-2011 budget.  Coke, Concho, Crockett and Sterling Counties could see over a 33% cut in HHS spending in their communities.

Major HHS Programs include Medicaid Acute Care and nursing home funding, community care, public health and consumer protection programs, child & adult protective services, foster care/adoption, day care regulation, Early Childhood Intervention, vocational rehabilitation, and federal disability determination.

How does the job decimator multiply $206 million in lost funds?  It remains to be seen.

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