Friday, December 03, 2010

Florida's Royal Couple: Scott & Rhee

"Pay for Performance" Queen Michele Rhee joined "Incentive Pay" King Rick Scott in revamping Florida education. Roll back to the 1990's, when Rick Scott turned Columbia/HCA into a giant Skinner Box.  Employees lied, cheated or stole to avoid the shock or garner the pellet.  That's why HCA paid billions in settlement money for fraudulent billing.

Who got Scott off the hook? Michael Chertoff, of Katrina and naked body scanning machine fame. If Scott was a felon, he would not be Florida's Governor.

Pizza Hut's reading program offered pizzas for books read.  It produced many fat kids who don't like to read, Alfie Kohn's early prediction.

Get ready to hear from students and workers, "pay me."  Watch them loathe learning and reluctantly perform (what was once an intrisically motivating job).  See what Scott's education got him.

The Good Lord would be proud of the Royal couple's education reform..

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