Sunday, December 05, 2010

Below the Surface

Sunday morning shows discussed the impact of WikiLeaks, citing government efforts to control and limit information. Fareed Zakaria's GPS hosted diplomat Richard Haas and Harvard's Niall Ferguson.  Ferguson suggested history could be lost, if diplomats ceased to reduce important things to writing.  Haas noted a similar thing happened under Nixon.  Secretary of State Henry Kissinger used circuitous communication methods, with very little official record keeping.

Ferguson compared U.S. debt to Greece, kneecapping Uncle Sam.  It sounded like a line from the latest Bilderberg script, calling for "a new sustainable economic world order, with less sovereignty."  The IMF intervened in Greece and Ireland, imposing draconian debt restructuring.  Given the slate of countries with debt problems, where will the U.S. fall in the global restructuring cycle?

I noted the irony of Haas, Ferguson and Zakaria attending Bilderberg Society meetings.   As the three lamented a loss of history, they participated in secretive, globe manipulating Bilderberg meetings.  Did the three give the secret handshake after the show?  Did they break for lunch, going together for a juicy, rare Bilderberger, piled high with green onions?  We won't know, as the information is on ice.  Chatham House rules.

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