Saturday, February 21, 2009

U.S./Israel Rhetoric on Iran Heats Up

Israeli newspapers cite an Iranian madman and his accelerated pursuit of nuclear weapons. The U.S. analyst shouting "fire" works for Iran Policy Committee. This group is not the U.S. State Department or the IAEA.

Two war loving neocons sit in key positions on Iran. One, President Obama appointed Dennis Ross as his Special Adviser on Iran. He hasn't appointed a special envoy, despite saying the situation with Iran is urgent. Even white flag France beat America to the diplomatic punch.

Two, James Woolsey is an Advisory Council member for the Iran Policy Committee. American and Israeli elements make the case for war. Pay attention to Israeli news. Currently, a number of Congressmen are visiting the Jewish state. Howard Berman and John Kerry hit the front pages, but there's no sign of Chuck Schumer. I thought I heard Governor Patterson say Chuck was in Israel during a CNBC interview.

Pay attention folks, something is up. With neocons that usually means violence.

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