Saturday, February 07, 2009

Peanut Butter, Politics, and Wall Street Innovation

The public distaste for peanut butter, politics and investment risk is palpable. Poor quality can destroy a market. The month long dribbling of potentially dangerous peanut butter products caused consumers to stop buying. Sales are down 25%.

The daily whine on CNBC is low volume on the exchanges. Americans voted for change. It's hard to see anything but a continuation of Bush sponsored corporafornication. Lobbyists rake it in as they scrounge for stimulus funds or the latest financial rescue.

Several friends worked very hard to get Barack Obama elected. They've turned off their television sets, sure they're the victim of the latest bait and switch.

Poor leadership is rampant in America, from plush corporate board rooms to the hallowed halls of government. It can kill consumer confidence in a brand, even implode a market. Where will salmonella tainted peanut butter, hyper-competitive politics and investment vaporware go? Without a return to quality, they'll be repackaged and sold to the general public. If you don't see a Dr. W. Edwards Deming stamp on the label, don't buy.

(Dr. Deming was the quality guru who taught Japanese leaders after WWII. He said quality begins in the boardroom. Unfortunately, very few companies follow his teachings and there is no stamp.)

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